How To Make The Easiest Sandwich?


The sandwich is so popular and delicious food item that, most of the people just loved it.

Moreover, the easiest method of preparing has just encouraged the people to make and have it in a regular way.

However, as it is quite simple and also very delicious, people just loved to take it even for a single time in a day.

The sandwich can be prepared and taken as the snack item and also as the core meal too. It is most popular with the people who like to avoid the heavy foods or such foods which may contain the huge amount of oil and cholesterols.

Can The Sandwich Be Prepared At Home?

Well! It is understood that, you are feeling excited that how can you have the most delicious sandwich so easily? If you think that, as it’s a delicious food, it only can be purchased or ordered from the food shop.

But I would be able to prove you wrong about it. I can say it surely that you can also make the world’s most tasteful sandwich by your own hand. It would be great if you have a sandwich maker of your home, but it’s not necessary at all. Your hands are enough for this task.

How Can It Be Made?

However, let me help you to provide the simplest egg sandwich. On one side, it’s too yummy to eat, and on the other side, it is also very easy to be prepared. You can just make this sandwich with the simplest ingredients which are available at your home.

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes.
  • Plating time: 10 minutes.
  • Ingredients
  • 500 g white bread.
  • 3 eggs (it can be both hens and ducks).
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Very little amount of the salt.
  • A little amount of the peeper.
  • Tomato sauce.

The Process

  • Prepare The Bread:

  1. At first take the 500g white bread.
  2. Slice the bread in the equal shape like the cube.
  3. You can cut or remove the brown portion of the breads, or also can let them remain like the earlier.
  • Prepare The Batter:
  1. Boil the eggs properly.
  2. Greet them with the help of the machine or the knife.
  3. Mix the exact amount of the salt and the pepper in it.

The Final Process:

  • Take two slices of the bread.
  • Apply the mayonnaise on the breads very properly.
  • Add the batter between the two slices of the bread.
  • Keep them in the sandwich maker and wait for 4-5mints to make the sandwich crispy. If you don’t have the sandwich maker or don’t like the crispy food, then your sandwich is already ready to eat.
  • Add some tomato sauce on it.

The Decoration:

If you are making the sandwiches for your own, then the look doesn’t matter. But if you are making them for your guest or for some special people, then it should also look like the special one also. However, you can and add cucumber, carrot, capsicum etc with it as the decoration. The decorative look of it will certainly help the people to increase their appetite.


Well! It is hoped that you are now able to make the easiest, as well as the delicious sandwich of your own. You can easily give surprise to your home member by preparing this yummy sandwich.

As it is so simple to make, so it can also save your time from being wasted too. You can also make this sandwich and carry them if you are going to aome far places for a long time too.

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