Choosing The Best Pregnancy Pillow 2017


Boppy pregnancy Body Pillow is a finely designed pregnancy pillow. Its custom-design approach is inspired from expert opinion of physical therapists and is well capable of supporting a woman’s body in many of the several sleep positions.

Pregnancy is an intricate time for a woman’s body and it goes through a lot of changes. Weight gain and muscle expansion is something that all women go through at some point in their pregnancy; mostly during the second trimester.

The rapid weight gain can cause a lot of stress on overall body functions and simple activities like walking, sitting and lying down becomes the most difficult of the tasks, particularly towards the end of pregnancy.

The Boppy Body Pillow is designed while taking into account all the different stages of pregnancy and with an objective to provide maximum support to your body during pregnancy.

Its three way usability gives women a lot of options for sleeping positions. The soft yet curved structure of the pillow makes it flexible and adjustable according to your sleeping postures.

Finding The Right Position With Your Pregnancy Body Pillow:

The Best Pregnancy Pillow 2017

Each woman’s pregnancy is different and so are the needs. As the second trimester progresses, the intensity of body aches and muscle spasms, increases, you get tired quickly and it’s hard to get up or lay down.

The most difficult part however is being insomniac and having sleepless nights. If you are having trouble falling asleep or facing interrupted sleep patterns, than the Boppy body pillow is just right for you.

You can adjust this pillow according to your body requirements and try different postures until you feel comfortable. Here I am going to discuss various sleeping postures that you can try with the Boppy Body Pillow.

The Head and Neck Support:

The head and Neck support of the boppy pillow is a small curved pillow with an arch design that fits smoothly around your neck. It works wonders on your tired neck muscles while the soft and supple head rest relieves your headaches.

The head and neck support is ideal for the first trimester of pregnancy, when you feel dizzy and weak mostly. You can use this head rest for a short couch nap or take it along your travels.

The pillow has a design that supports and eases the body in order to relieve the painful and tired muscles. Proper head and neck support is very important while sleeping as if give proper support your neck muscles would be able to relax and provide your body a relaxed feeling.

The Back and Belly Support:

The back and belly support works as a strong brace for your stretched up back and belly muscles. The small belly support of the Boppy body pillow is an ideally shaped wedge cushion that secures your belly while sleeping and act as a support for your back muscles.

The wedge can be placed at the back too or you can use the wedge and back support in combination. This posture helps you to sleep on your side and the back support goes a long way in relieving your back aches and helping you sleep peacefully.

Such a positioning will also help you support your belly and relieve the muscle tension caused by increased belly size and weight.

The Hip and Leg Support:

The Hip and Leg support of the boppy pillow is a long, curvy cushion that goes up to your ankles and beyond. You can tuck it between your knees for a safe and cuddled sleeping posture.

This posture also relieves your hip and leg muscles and reduces the frequency of leg cramps. In this way you will feel relaxed and comfortable and would feel fresh after taking a nap or few hours sleep.

All the pieces of the Boppy Body pillow can be tucked into a one large cushion to sleep on. This is the most comfortable and cozy pregnancy pillow you could ever have. It is durable and you can machine wash it as many times as you want.

Having a personal experience with this pillow, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a peaceful sleepy night during pregnancy.

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